Embroidered Notecards


I’ve always had this fascination on sewing on paper, only because one day I thought of all the different ways I could manipulate a piece of paper or two.  But never got around to trying it.  I accidentally found out about the Creative Lab at The Orange County Great Park. There was a class that interested me, titled: “Embroidered Notecards” by Creative Ventures.  So I decided to give it a go!  .  No previous embroidery experience was necessary for this class, which was a relief since I am terrible at sewing!!!  A kind-of DIY class….so here’s how it went:

First we picked a design (printed-out on regular printer paper).  You can draw your own design if you want.  Try to pick something simple at first.


Now you’ll want to take an embroidery needle, it’s the one with the blunt point.  Start pricking holes a few spaces apart.  Putting a scrape of felt underneath your card stock and design.  So it will be: 1) felt scrape.  2) card stock (good idea to already have it cut to a card size, folded, this is when you decide where to place your image.  3) Tape the image down.  Now start that pin pricking!


It was fun learning this stitch, the flower was 5 hearts put together.  I used a different color for each heart.


Then I put a brad in the center to make it a flower.  For the inside loose stitching I taped it down.  I then cut out paper a little smaller (in pink) to glue to the inside to hide the stitching.  And Viola, I did it!!!!


5 thoughts on “Embroidered Notecards

  1. This post just reminded me of a very nice woman from Estonia, who sent me two napkins with embroidery. It really feels nice to have such a personal touch. That notecard sure is nice. I’d love to see more blog posts of yours 🙂

    Follow me #19

  2. Wow! That’s really beautiful! It looks like it would make an excellent embellishment in a scrapbook or on a greeting card. I’ll have to add this to my list of things to try. 🙂

    Swap-bot Follow me #19

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